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    This privacy policy aims to clarify the nature, scope and purpose of personal data processing as part of our online offerings and related websites, features and content (collectively referred to as "online offer" or "website"). The privacy policy applies regardless of domains or systems, platforms and devices (such as desktops or mobiles) on which an online offer is made.
    The terms used, such as 'personal data' or 'processing', refer to the definition in art. 4 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
    Users' personal data processed as part of this online offer includes serial data (eg G. E-mail addresses and recipient names), meta / communication data (device identifiers, IP addresses, location data), usage data (E .. he visited our online offer on websites, interest in our products) and content (eg, voluntary entries in forms).
    The term "user" covers all categories of people affected by data processing. They include all internet make-up artists. Terms used, such as "u sers", should be understood as sexually neutral.
    We process personal data of users only in accordance with data protection regulations. This means that user data will be processed only if there is legal authorization. Especially, when data processing is required or required by law to provide our contract services (such as processing orders) and online services.
    It should be remembered that the legal basis of consent is Art. 6 (1) is on. behind. and art. 7 GDPR,
    The basic basis for processing the results of our services and performing contractual activities is Art. 6 (1) is on. b. GDPR, the legal basis for processing in order to fulfill our legal obligations is Art. 6 para. 1 lit. down.

    The GDPR and legal basis for processing to protect our legitimate interests is Art. 6 (1) is on. fa. GDPR.

    Play Games
    You do not need to be over 18 to use DystopiaOnline Services. (the purchase of digital currency is an exception)
    The game is 100% Free and suitable for every person of all ages!

    Purchase of digital currency.
    To purchase a digital currency using PayPal, you must follow the appropriate instructions on the website after logging into the Game at the time.

    Password protection
    To get access to DystopiaOnline Galaktyka, you will need to create or receive data
    security, including username and password. The user is responsible for storing the device Electronic
    through which access is obtained.
    And ensuring adequate security, which are used to gain access to the Game.
    This includes taking all reasonable steps to avoid the loss, theft or misuse of such electronic device.
    Loss or damage to an electronic device may result in unauthorized access to your game account.
    We undertake organizational, contractual and technical security measures in accordance with the state of the art in order to ensure compliance with the law on data protection and to protect the data processed by us against accidental or intentional manipulation, loss, destruction or access by unauthorized persons.
    One of the security measures is encrypted data SSL transfer between the browser and our server.

    Cookies are information sent from our web server or third-party servers to users' web browsers and stored there for later retrieval. Cookies can be small files or other types of information storage. We use "session cookies", which are only stored for the duration of your current visit to our online presence (for example, to allow you to use our online offer in the appropriate language). In the session cookie a randomly generated unique identification number is saved, so-called Session ID. In addition, the cookie contains information about its origin and storage period. These cookies can not save any other data. Session cookies will be removed if you finish using our online offer and you have eg log ged up or near d browser. The use of cookies in the context of the measurement of nicknames inform users in the context of this privacy policy. If users do not want cookies stored on their computer, they will be asked to disable this option in the browser's system settings. Saved cookies can be deleted in the browser's system settings. Disabling cookies may lead to functional limitations of this online offer.

    Use of data.
    DystopiaOnline will not sell any Customer Data nor will it disclose any Customer Data to any third parties.
    The transfer of data to third parties is only in accordance with legal requirements.
    We will transfer user data to third parties, if it is on
    based on art. 6 pair. 1 lit. b. GDPR, where it is required for contractual purposes or based on legitimate interests in accordance with Art. 6 pair. 1 lit. fa. GDPR for the economic and effective operation of our business operations.
    If we use subcontractors to provide our services, we will take appropriate legal precautions and appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect personal data in accordance with applicable law. If, as part of this Privacy Policy, content, tools or other means are used by other providers (collectively referred to as "external suppliers") and their registered office is in a third country, it should be assumed that these data will be sent to countries inhabited by external suppliers. Third-party countries are countries where GDP is not a directly applicable law, ie Non-EU or European Economic Area. Transmission to third countries takes place when there is an adequate level of data protection, user consent or other legal authorization

    Your application can use:
    Customer data only in the scope required for use and access to which Customer Data refers.
    DystopiaOnline will not transfer Customer Data to any third party and you will not use any information obtained directly or indirectly for any purpose other than the one specified above.

    Offensive activity :
    Activities that impose an unreasonable or disproportionately heavy load on our infrastructure or adversely interfere with, intercept or expropriate the system, data or information of any material to the DystopiaOnline Site containing viruses, Trojan horses, worms or other malicious programs, attempt to gain unauthorized access to the DystopiaOnline Website, computer systems or networks connected to the DystopiaOnline Website, by extracting passwords or in any other way, in order to gain access to the Website, Forum, Game.


    Each player can have only one account! It is allowed that someone replace you during the game by logging into your account. But giving access data to your account can be lost. While someone replaces you, this person can not send attacks !!!. However, it can be stimulated by individuals, as well as new buildings. It can also fleet from fleetsave.

    1.1. Each player must complete to accept the Game Rules before completing the registration. Creating an account in the game (at any Universum) is tantamount to the fact that the User agrees and accepts all provisions of these Regulations.

    1.2. An extension of these Regulations is a list of penalties awarded for specific offenses in the game.

    1.3. Each player must be familiar with the Rules and all his points and sub-points. Ignorance of the Regulations does not absolve you from liability for your actions in the game, and any references to penalties in which the player exhibits an obvious lack of knowledge of the Regulations, will be immediately rejected.

    1.4.1 Game owners are people who have all rights to servers, domains and files and content contained in the game and on its subpages and sub-services (such as Forum or accounts in Community Portal). The Owner of the Game may simultaneously act as the Administrator and Operator of the game.

    1.4.2 Game administrators are people who have been granted full access to game management in order to preserve order and settle contentious issues by their in-game functions or other technical solutions. They represent the owners at the Games Forum and in contact with the players .

    1.4.3 Support of the Game are people who occupy the positions of the Super Operator or the Games Operator. These are people who have had limited access to game management in order to preserve order and resolve disputable matters by in-game functions provided to them or other technical solutions. They are intermediaries in contact between the player and the Administration.

    1.4.4 Hierarchia decyzyjna w Składzie Zarządzającym Grą (Właściciele, Administracja i Support Gry) wygląda następująco (najniższy poziom uprawnień zaczynają od lewej)::
    Operator Gry » Super Operator Gry » Administrator Gry » Właściciel Gry

    1.4.5 Managers of the Forum (such as Moderator or Forum Administrator) do not enter the Game Management Board unless the person at the same time holds the above-mentioned position in the game.

    1.4.6 Programmers Games are also its Administrators. They do not perform order functions - they deal with the correct operation of the game, adding new functions and repairing possible errors. Their task is also possible interaction with the community of players, in order to make better and more player-friendly patches and additions.

    1.5. The administration reserves the right to change both the Regulations and the Penalty Table at any time. The amended Regulations / Table of Penalties will come into force as of the date of publication.

    1.6. A user who does not agree with the amended Regulations or does not want to accept it, is obliged to assign his account to the cassation as soon as possible. Continued use of the game without the status of account deletion is tantamount to acceptance of the changes. In special cases, Owners and Administration of the game can activate a special system that will prevent further play without accepting changes to the Regulations or activating the custodial statust.

    1.7. If the player has noticed any defects or ambiguities in the Regulations, he should report it to the Game Manager and wait for a response in this matter. If the Administration considers a given point or situation important to be noted, the relevant point may be added to the Regulations.

    1.8. The Regulations are not the final form of law on this server. In special cases, the Owners and Administration decide on the solution of the case.

    1.9. If the incident goes beyond the game itself and refers to real life, the main form constituting the law is the Polish Law.

    1.10. All accounts in the game belong to the Owners. The user has no property or ownership rights to the accounts. The fact of having a paid addition to the game does not mean that the player becomes the owner of the account.

    1.11. Owners and the Administration reserve the right to partially or completely limit access to the game for selected persons.

    1.12. Owners and the Administration do not take any responsibility for any failure or unavailability of the game due to both random reasons and errors in the software or operation of the servers.

  • A account of grievance

    Before someone pleases you during the game, you should inform the admin about it, giving the time of replacement, which should not exceed 24h, in another If the time of your absence is longer, it is recommended to activate the Holiday mode in the options panel !!!

  • Pushing

    It is by no means illegal, and its use threatens ban !!!!! Pushing starts with: - attack on the player with a weaker fleet, (repeated often in a short period of time), and then collecting scrap !! - trade that does not stick to the fixed exchange rate, i.e. 1. Each deuterium unit is worth 2 crystal units or 3 metal units !!! 2. Each crystal unit is worth 0.5 units of deuterium, or 2 units of metal !!!

  • Bashing

    You can not attack one planet more than 6x within 24h !!!

    Wars must be agreed by alliance leaders, must be declared on the forum, and clearly described principles to which both alliances will apply   1. The war ends at least 24 hours after the beginning,  2. No limits on attacks on members of the hostile alliance 3 . After the end of the war, a categorical ban on attacking (does not apply to attacks sent before the end of the war, i.e. being in the process)

  • Rocket attack

    You can attack up to 1000 rockets for 24 hours one planet!

  • Bugusing

    Using, using in any way the bug you found, a bug that you learned from another player is absolutely forbidden !!! Every bug should be reported immediately !!! Otherwise you run the risk of permissive ban. If anyone stays The action is caught using bugs, there is only one!

  • Language in the game

    Throughout the game, the official language is Polish.
    However, you can use 2 additional languages, ie Dutch and English if there is such a need

  • Outside the game

    Remember this is just a game, transferring emotions to the real world, whether through a chat or forum, any kind of talk, calling, etc ... etc ... is not allowed !!! Culture above all, do not spoil the fun with other of your Hamian behavior!

  • Spam

    Spamming is forbidden in any form, for example: - chat - forum - private messages Somebody spam you, let me know the admin !! Or send a ticket!

  • Rules

    The rules apply to every user!